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22.nov - 6:00pm
Grid AKL
muv talks
About MUV Talks

MUV Talks is a non-profit event. It consists of seven talks for seven minutes, from a diverse set of people with different experiences and points of view, talking about one common theme. Our unique approach to networking helps to create an energetic and friendly environment that guarantees an exceptional experience to our attendees.

Our goal is to create an environment where passionate people can gather together to get things done; to learn, network and share knowledge.

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what people say

It was a pleasure to be involved with MUV Talks. Laura & Pauli do a great job of building the community, encouraging participation and facilitating connection.
It's obvious that they put a lot of thought into every detail and every interaction.
Eddy Royal Co-Founder and Director @ Curative NZ
Pauli and Laura have created a magical environment for knowledge and idea sharing, and finding people who are like you! You'll leave feeling a renewed sense of passion and energy for doing that something, whatever that is for you, plus you might find just the person you need to make it happen faster.
Natalie Robinson CEO & Founder @ Mum's Garage
It was a honor to speak at the MUV talks. Very slickly run, the format engages the audience from the get-go. An enjoyable evening.
Wendy Thompson Founder & CEO @ Socialites
I was honoured to speak at the MUV Community Builders event alongside such inspirational people. Loved the format of the evening, so much opportunity to get involved, meet others and learn. Laura and Pauli have done a fabulous job of creating an inclusive, welcoming environment, and a place where you can both share your knowledge and expand it.
Rachel Lewis Founder @ The WE Network
I was delighted to speak at MUV Talks. Pauli and Laura thought of every detail--from icebreaker games to themed decorations--and the attendees were lovely--warm, open-minded, and thoughtful. I was impressed by the quality of their questions after our speeches. I can't wait to attend the next MUV Talks!
Lauren Peate Co-Founder @ Analytics for Us
MUV Talks is a refreshing break from the conventional and combines a super-diverse audience with leading edge innovators that share inspirational stories. This is an exciting addition to the New Zealand ecosystem... Come along if you want to be energised and inspired!
Colart Miles Co-Founder @ Velox Innovation
I loved MUV talks, there was so much diversity in the room, the speakers were powerful woman that inspired me more to keep on fighting for my goals and be proud of being a strong independent woman. I totally recommend this event the location is perfect and the sponsored made the night one to remember.
Adriana Christie Founder @ The Pallet Kingdom
It was an absolute delight to take part in Auckland's inaugural MUV talks. Not only was I surrounded by fellow female entrepreneurs who were truly inspiring, Pauli and Laura did an awesome job of organising the event, breaking down barriers and encouraging everyone to get to know one another and engage. A wonderful experience.
Brittany Jordt Co-Founder & CEO @ WayWiser


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