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Stories Behind the Success - Auckland
muv talks

This time at MUV Talks we’ll be sharing ‘Stories Behind the Success’
We have heard many inspiring stories of various heroes or leaders, but have they achieved success overnight? Nope, they have struggled, fought against the odds, changed directions and overcome many obstacles on the way to achieving their dream goals.

We will be celebrating the hero’s journey by sharing the experiences and lessons from seven brave and persevering entrepreneurs. Come along to meet awesome people and hear inspiring stories from our speakers that will prove to you that great innovators don’t fear failure, they embrace it and learn from it.

What is MUV Talks?

Is a non-profit series focused on building capability and relationships within communities. What makes it special is that it is driven by the purpose of celebrating and empowering everyday people who are doing incredible things. We focus on sharing stories that may otherwise not be heard.

Each event consists of seven talks for seven minutes, from a diverse set of people with different experiences and points of view, talking about one common theme. Our unique approach to networking helps to create an energetic and friendly environment that guarantees an exceptional experience for our attendees.

Sponsors apply

By supporting MUV Talks you will be participating and making possible a unique event in Auckland. Your brand will be exposed to a genuine public interest and you would be contributing to:

  • - Promoting the entrepreneurial culture in Auckland.
  • - Encouraging entrepreneurship: For most of our attendees these events are the first step to the entrepreneurial world.
  • - Playing a vital role in the development of your local economy by supporting endeavors for job creation, creativity and community.

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MC & Speakers

Colart Miles


Innovator Enthusiasts & Impact Entrepreneur

Brough Johnson


Founder @ Narrative Muse

Ana Saulala


Founder & CEO @ Go

Carol Brown


CEO @ RoleQ


5:45 PM
Meet & Greet
6:00 PM
Speakers (First Part)
6:50 PM
Pizza, Drinks & Networking
7:20 PM
Speakers (Second Part)


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  • Level 1, One Faraday Street, Parnell, Auckland
  • hello@muving.org
  • 17:45 - 20:30